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If you are a fan of Narendra Modi then one thing that comes in mind as you listen the name Narendra Modi is Patriotism and Development. Here is a picture of Narendra Modi with a Hindi Quote.

About This Picture :
This photo of Narendra Modi has a Quote on it and this patriotic quote reads :
फर्क थोड़ा सा है तेरे और मेरे इश्क में ,
तू माशूक की खातिर रात भर जगता है,
मुझे मातृभूमि के हालात सोने नहीं देते !!
It says : "There is a little difference between your love and mine. You wait whole night for your loved one and I am not able to sleep due to problems of my motherland." A very inspiring quote and it says that our Motherland should be our first love and we should work for our motherland before any other target or goal.
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