Narendra Modi Picture With Inspirational Quote

Narendra Modi is a great source of Inspiration for his followers and here is a picture taken by his follower and having a very good inspirational and motivational quote on it.
Narendra Modi : Motivation For His Followers

About This Picture :
In this picture the Chief Minister of Gujarat Sh. Narendra Modi is shown and a quote or shayar is written on the picture. The quote written on the picture reads :
आँधियों से जाके कह दो,
          ज़रा औकात में रहे ,
हम परों से नहीं,
          होंसलों से उड़ा करते हैं !
It means that We don't care about hurdles in our way because we don't use feathers to fly but courage. It indicates no matter how big the problem is you can always beat it with your courage and hard work. Something the followers of Modi believes about him is this ideology of the great Indian Leader.
This Photo Narendra Modi Picture With Inspirational Quote was Uploaded By Sunil Saharan on 07-04/2013.
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  1. BJP PM candidare Narendra modi for pm is well deserve candidate, he should be prime minister of India, for better future and development of country.